In September, on this blog, I challenged healthcare providers are ready for the next Google Mobilegeddon – a forthcoming algorithm change in which Google would create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content, even for listings that are shown to desktop users. Although no one knew the date when the algorithm would change, we knew something was going to happen sooner or later based on statements Google was making throughout the year.

I hope you were listening. Because the mobile-first change is here. Just a few weeks ago, Google divulged that it is beginning to roll out the new algorithm, which will require all sites to be optimized for mobile or else be penalized in search results. Unless you have optimized your content for a mobile search:

  • Your physicians will rank poorly when people search for providers.
  • Your locations will be buried when people do near-me searches for care.
  • Your content will be lost when potential patients do symptom-based research.

None of those outcomes is acceptable for any healthcare provider that wants to compete in a world in which most Google searches are done on mobile devices.  And consumer behavior is the overriding factor here. Google is simply responding to the way people search for what they need, whether they’re looking for a doctor or a restaurant.

So optimizing your content for mobile is not just a Google requirement, it’s a way to be relevant to patient behavior. And optimizing for mobile means optimizing all your content, such as basic physician and location data such as name, address, and phone numbers; and deep content including video, images, your mission, and a description of your services.

Google has shared actions for you to take in order to ensure your site is ready for a mobile-first world. In addition, SIM Partners can help you optimize your location and physician content for mobile searches. Contact us. We possess the consulting and technology know-how to ensure that you attract and retain patients in a mobile-first world.

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