Eight out of 10 internet users have searched for health issues online. So when Google recently released the most popular health related searches of 2017, our healthcare team paid close attention – and so should healthcare providers. According to Google, these are the most popular searches of the year:

  1. What causes hiccups?
  2. How to stop snoring?
  3. What causes kidney stones?
  4. Why am I so tired?
  5. How long does the flu last?
  6. What is normal blood pressure?
  7. How to lower cholesterol?
  8. What causes high blood pressure?
  9. What is ADHD?
  10. What is lupus?

If you’re a healthcare provider, the question you should be asking is: how do I create visibility and improve patient consideration by answering these questions on my website?

As we have discussed on our blog, publishing deep content is one of the essential ways healthcare providers turn your website into a digital front door to care. Whereas data such as name, address, and phone numbers for your locations and physicians improves visibility, content such as blog posts improves consideration and visibility.

When you write posts in the form of responses to popular answers (“How to Lower Cholesterol” or “Lupus Defined”), you improve your chances of search engines finding your site. In addition, thoughtful content improves consideration after a patient finds your site because you build authority as an expert on a topic that matters to someone who might be seeking care. The keys to succeeding with this approach are:

  • Be personal. Work with your physicians to create topics under their names, and include background about the authors. Your physicians are your ambassadors to patients. Attach names and faces to your content, and use approachable, warm language.
  • Be credible. Have your physicians comment on topics about which they possess authority and want to build more authority. Stay in your lanes of expertise.
  • Be visual. Support your content with strong visuals. Consider creating infographics (if you have the resources to do so) to depict content such as tips for managing snoring or feeling less tired. Consider posting videos of your physicians explaining their take on issues people are asking about, which is a terrific way to be personal because patients can get a taste of what it’s like to interact with your physicians.
  • Be social. Spread your content liberally on your social channels including Facebook and Twitter, and ask that your physicians do so on their personal socials. The more you share your content where people are looking for it, the more likely you will be found.

Sharing content that aligns with topical issues keeps your healthcare system more relevant and timely. It’s important that you do so often to build a trail of useful information leading to your digital front door. To learn more about how you can attract and retain patients with digital, contact SIM Partners. We provide the technology, business intelligence, and consulting you need to improve your operations at a local level.

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